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Our Brief Introduction!

Industrial Services Supplies International has become active in 1997 as a trading company to provide local and International procurement services to its customers located in the wide industrial structure of Pakistan and then gradually expended its services from industrial indenting business to industrial repairs ,consultancies, onsite installations, relocations, trainings and contractual agreement management services.
ISSI is now successfully operating its 02 offices located in the country to cater customer’s demands and requirements with right product on a right occasion. This is a young dynamic oriented company with multi dimensional experience in the field of Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Oil Refining and Production Process Industries. Covering national business activities and fulfilling successful requirements of various projects ISSI is now becoming an active part of International Industrial Bidding.

Why Choose Us?

Our Mission

We will provide branded products and Services of superior quality and value that improve the lives of our customers.

Our Vision

To build relationship that are based on trust, sustained by excellent services performance, and that optimize client return on investment.
it is to provide good and quality services of reliable and proven technology and with a long residual life time. vision is to be the leading energy and related services business in Pakistan and other emerging market, to us having world class skills means being a world supplier and our existence is based on the general mechanism of a connecting bridge between qualified product and product consumer.

Why Our Objectives?

Long-term cooperation

We strive for long-term cooperation with our suppliers, with whom we work openly and fairly,

Global sourcing

The HYDAC group is represented worldwide by its products. We secure cost advantages for our customers by organizing our procurement internationally.

Worldwide contracts

We expect the contracts entered into with our suppliers to be valid for our companies worldwide.

Reduction in number of suppliers

We pursue continuously the process of supplier reduction in order to be able to deal with the procurement markets more efficiently.

Delivery flexibility (quantity and date)

We pursue continuously the process of supplier reduction in order to be able to deal with the procurement markets more efficiently.

Simultaneous engineering

We involve our suppliers continually in the development of our products

System and module suppliers

We build up the relationships with our suppliers and support them to develop from being parts suppliers to becoming suppliers of system and modules.

Optimization of the supply chain

We work continually to optimize the supply chain to achieve cost-effective supply to our production. Our suppliers react by introducing additional services such as just-In-Time delivery (JIT), and setting up “kanban” and consignment stock.