In the realm of industrial safety and efficiency, ELAFLEX HIBY stands as a stalwart, offering a comprehensive suite of fluid handling solutions meticulously crafted for reliability and innovation. With a rich legacy spanning back to 1923, ELAFLEX HIBY has been a trailblazer, setting benchmarks and pushing boundaries with its range of hoses, fittings, couplings, and nozzles designed to facilitate the secure transfer of dangerous goods and sensitive fluids. Our dedication to excellence permeates every facet of our operations, from inception to production, testing, and ongoing customer support. At ELAFLEX HIBY, we don’t just meet industry standards; we surpass them, ensuring that each product is built to endure the rigorous demands of diverse industrial environments. What distinguishes ELAFLEX HIBY is not only the breadth of our product line but also the depth of our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction. Recognizing the unique challenges inherent to different industries, we provide tailored solutions to address specific needs. Whether it’s refueling hoses for aviation, marine bunkering, or chemical manufacturing, our team of engineers and technical experts leverages decades of experience to deliver products that exceed expectations. Our commitment to innovation drives us to continually explore new materials, designs, and manufacturing techniques, ensuring that our offerings remain at the forefront of technological advancement and capable of meeting the evolving needs of modern industries.

ELAFLEX is a Leading Industry in Refueling Equipment and Safe Connections

Why Choose elaflex?

Discover why ELAFLEX HIBY is the preferred choice for industries worldwide. With unparalleled expertise, a comprehensive product range, unwavering commitment to quality and reliability, and a customer-centric approach, ELAFLEX HIBY sets the standard for fluid handling solutions. Choose ELAFLEX HIBY and experience the difference in safety, efficiency, and reliability.

Superior Quality and Reliability

ELAFLEX HIBY places a premium on fostering strong customer relationships. We offer comprehensive support and technical expertise to ensure that our customers derive maximum value from their investments. Whether it’s aiding in product selection, installation, or ongoing maintenance, our team is dedicated to providing guidance and assistance every step of the way.

Comprehensive Product Range

ELAFLEX understands that one size does not fit all. That’s why our product range is as diverse as the industries we serve. From refueling hoses for petroleum-based products to lightweight gravity discharge road tanker hoses, we have solutions tailored to meet the unique demands of various applications. Whether you’re in aviation, marine bunkering, or chemical manufacturing, ELAFLEX HIBY has the right equipment to keep your operations running smoothly and safely.

Innovation and Technology

ELAFLEX HIBY offers comprehensive support and technical expertise to our customers, ensuring they get the most out of our products. Whether you need assistance with product selection, installation, or maintenance, our team of knowledgeable professionals is here to help every step of the way.


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